Thank you for the kind comment, Frederick.

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Excellent, ty. Explains why former addicts are some of the freest cherishing ppl I know.

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Kunstler's update on the Blob in the District of Corruption.

"“Our government has not failed us. To fail implies there was at least a good faith effort to do the right thing.”


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Connecting the events of history to see how and why we got where we are today.

"Never in U.S history has any POTUS ever needed a “wag the dog” moment as much as Joe Biden does in 2024—a pivotal POTUS election year."


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Teachings from the Pleiadians

"The ultimate tyranny in a society is not control by martial law. It is control by the psychological manipulation of consciousness, through which reality is defined so that those who exist within it do not even realize that they are in prison."

Barbara Marciniak

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Why not go for broke? The Island of Dr. Moreau, Andromeda Strain,, The Matrix and Soylent Green add a certain je ne sais quois.

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The deadliest addictions sweeping the globe, destroying society, devastating the minds, bodies and souls of a once rational, insightful and open minded majority are blind hatred,, searing rage and mass conformity. A metastatic contagion.

Classic liberalism is dead. Pragmatism is dead. Curiosity is dead. The real pandemic is a mind virus.

Can’t say the “ Conservatives” are much better. They’ve not changed at all. Zero self awareness, zero desire to modernize, energize or expand their horizons. Singing the same hackneyed tune- off key and refuse to entertain new ideas. Either they are playing to lose deliberately or really have no desire to win. Managing to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory when they have an edge.

Overturning R v W just before a crucial midterm election was a devastating miscalculation. Gunning for a complete ban was worse. Rather than dialing it back. They’ve doubled down, making it the the central focus of the election platform and highlighting the religious predicate. They learned nothing from the Todd Akin debacle which cost the ‘08 election. I am in no way an abortion enthusiast, but neither do I support stripping away another’ reproductive autonomy. Sane parameters, yes, but whatever her reason, the decision is between the womb and her Maker. We’re not a theocracy. . The Constitution is not the Holy Bible , Separation of Church and State, medical freedom, the right to privacy, patient/physician privilege, religious freedom, freedom from government overreach are self explanatory.

And the hypocrisy of the moral righteousness of “ pro-life” zealotry in the womb but cheering for war and now calling to reinstate the draft is stunning. The Party of Freedom? So long as said “ freedom” aligns with a particular religious ideology is not freedom. Nor is late term abortion on demand. Which will be the outcome.And the complete cessation of life as we know it. The Ultimate Revolution is no longer a pipe dream. The Great Reset Agenda 21 globalist takeover is well in the works. The “ Conservatives” havent uttered a peep . Yet abortion is at the top of the ticket? What world are we bringing children into? Slavery.Leaving to our children. Why are they ignoring it? Because they’re corrupt, fraudulent, craven, obtuse cowards.

Lew Rockwell should have run in 2000, or any election thereafter. He has the messaging ability to attract classic liberals, Independents and classic conservatives. Very articulate and unconventional. Those days are gone

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If TV addiction is the heart of the disease, then things won't get better until the NFL games, soap operas, and baseball are no longer available and those living in a leisure retirement do not have enough bucks to play golf anymore and watch golf tournaments on TV. Otherwise, people will stay dumb and blind that the country has been taken over permanently and we no longer have a democracy. There has to be hardship and deprivation for anything to change.

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