The Mysterious UN Illegal Migrant Debit Cards |

Some of the The money funding the INVASION and thus THE destruction of the USA revealed!!


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Bespoke agenda. Custom made (by&)for two lonely people like me & you. In our Little Pink Houses. John Mellencamp.

Follow the money. That lonely people, little pink houses “buyers,” do that naturally is most of the threads in the warp-woof of this bespoke straightjacket suit.

And if it takes a little prod to fraud-nudge the following along, those stim/response buttons have been long since mapped, too.

Or force. May it be with you. Fixed bayonets helped to get “public education” off the ground (figure of speech … since its the gutter).

Life is short. Time preferences too. Now. Right now. Cuz the short future belongs to no man. I Gotcha. Cue the great Joe Tex.

I’ve worked gigs.

Gigged stingrays in the Gulf. Gigged Bull & Leopard frogs in the swamps.

Gigged small mom & pop ops & huge multinational agitprops. Never saw stingers & frogs do what I’ve seen so many people do.

Spend the paychecks before they even have them. Spend more than the paychecks can cover. “Live the life.” Go into debt for the things & experiences & impulses & outcomes/fall-outs/collateral damages that precede, make manifest, “I gotcha!”

Advising “Don’t follow the money” is same as telling bullfrog not to croak, giving its position away, or ray to not make that outline in the sand, giving its position away.

Its the same as advising George Costanza to do the opposite.

Show about nothing (incl “money” counterfeited out of thin air & leant out @interest … as well as “paydays” that pay out in ways other than FRN’s) is permanent. Is selected for. And the “I’s” in the “Gotcha!,” the followers of the money & the pushers of the money go all the way back.

Or to at least this side of the hyphen.

Nah. Other side the hyphen, too.

(“The Garden…?” Apple computer-computation fix was already in. Before the bite. Which caused the bite to be bit. No “Fall.” No “regulatory capture.” This is the level. The comfort zone. And as with fairy-money, fairy-stories buy & sell. Nowadays, Apples buy & sell. “Apple Pay” they call it.)


Hand-to-mouth memories, yearnings, repetition compulsions. Take You Back (Frank Stallone) Get Back Get Back Get Back To Where You Once (barely) Belonged (The Beatles).

But Too Much Stuff (Delbert McClinton, Lyle Lovett, John Prine) just might be like the Lotto jackpot-winner reversion - hard reversion - thing. The one I like is the guy who spent some of the windfall on gambling, alcohol, & wild women, wasted the rest, & then started robbing banks to keep “the life” going. Dunno if he’s out of prison-prison, yet. But addiction-prison is forever.

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The actual reality is that "The Demented Corrupt One" was NOT elected, but installed to the office by the stolen election generated by Obama and the DNC.

See Dsouza's movie "2000 Mules", for the ballot box stuffing.

All the critical six states where the electronic voting machines were corrupted has been scrubbed from the net. After the polls closed at 10 pm it was not a problem to just switch the names for the vote counts.

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Thank you for the kind phrase, sir. My own exposure to teachers was, of course, somewhat limited. Never attended college and describe my four-year high school career as the best eight days of my life.

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Brilliant synopsis. When I imagined myself to be a Democrat I went to the convention in NYC (not as a delegate) at which Carter was nominated. Later, I read that 40% of the delegates were teacher's union members. Of course, Carter went on to create the monster called the Department of Education.

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It is our taxes that they are laundering. What if we ALL didn't give them anymore? What if all the young men refused to pick up a weapon to kill another? What if NO ONE voted?

We give our power away.

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