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I think we need to keep in mind that not all black people buy into the narrative , however the media apparatus does what it does best & creates a narrative. It would be rather beneficial if more independent-minded folks keep away from broad assumptions, only united can the beast be slayed.

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Well, justice.

(Dry well? Sure not artesian springing. Pumpin’ that pump and just a hole lotta’ dry.)

((Here’s some John Dryden whistle-wets:



Strong urge, desire, compulsion, better angels that? For justice? From very early in life “fair” is understood, & very highly valued. An ultimate value, even, out of the mouths, attached to fresh (isn’t that better than “innocent”?), as yet less defiled brains, of babes.

Well, relatively fresh & undefiled … the bent childhood aluminum adjuvant schedule, among other forced/frauded interventions, seems bent on bringing tykes up to adjuvanted adult (juveniled adults?) surpassing speed ever-faster. “Ramming speed …!” ~ Ben Hur

But just as early on, before angels fear to tread, the desire to obtain that justice value is thwarted - by the much smaller big people. Justice thwarted is the surround.

Like Rand’s title re capitalism, justice is more an unknown ideal, a theory, philosophizing, than it is, or ever has been, reality. Narrative-puffery. Walter Mitty talking about his Medal of Honor. And pragmatist real/reel ‘em in politicos letting him.

Which is not to say that ‘shadow’ still don’t know. Or stops pulling at hearts & minds … & asses in slings.

But people, mainly, “adapt” to the thwart. And become it themselves. Monstrousness begets monsters (V For Vendetta … eloquent mutterers become martyrs, too, same flick - made by brothers then, who are “sisters” now …). Good ol’ “real life.” Among the inversion-zombies. So long as they are “our kind of” zombies.

So there are victims. No shortage. Justice denied is victim generation times two. For the victimized. Two for the price of one. Bargain bins of efficiency.

Victimizers, to add fractions, are also victimized. By themselves.

Forget karma. Remember “instant” (John Lennon).

Remember The Alamo. (Californians & “border” crossers have dusted that one off.)

And don’t ever forget Palahniuk. The Fight Club fulcrum is schizophrenia (just to label it - I’m still likeminded/action’d Tom Szasz & Tom Paine …).

Orwell minds eyes a boot on a human face forever … well, people punching themselves in their own faces, forever, is much more accurate. Fistface comes well before kickbox(“sport of the future” - John Cusack - Say Anything)face.

Is that aluminum pump bringing up the fluoridated water yet? Gotta have wet to make/eat/be “Instant/iated…” ra!/men noodles… that’s using the old noodle. (But Exley thinks aluminum may be overcooking that other noodle … which, concerted an onslaught as it is, would seem needs be others using their noodles with much malice aforethought.)

And that estate is passed down to succeeding (@failure) generations, too; it’s in the will.

Denial of justice & granting of victim-status bennies-bribes to people unprincipled enough (whether due to desperation actual, or just perceptual or pandered-perceptual … or just verbal acuity avarice) to take them, to take whatever crumbs ~ or chunks ~ are offered further unjustly divides & weakens. It hooks. It addicts. Becomes entitlement.

(Who doesn’t love the scene in Cinderella Man where Russell Crowe as “washed up” boxer James Braddock is offered a fluke fight for desperately needed cash (its 1934, the “great” depression), unexpectedly wins, & takes some of the purse down to the welfare office to pay back what he’d been previously doled? Braddock earned the world heavyweight champion title. The Crowe character, at least, didn’t pretend unearned entitlements were his.)

This robbed Peter pays Paul mounds - with nuts. Lots of nuts. But not the almond kind. The i-ain’t-by-virtuous-“insanity”/conformity-defense kind. Or 3rd generation welfare payments birthright. Or manifest destiny. Or “social” “security” “I paid into.” Or “defense” contracts. Or too big too fail, too little to succeed, essential businesses, non-essential businesses “regulatory capture” … ♾️

Part of *that* appeal runs all through the natural Natchez Trace (den of cutthroat thieves) world: get what you can the easiest way you can.

Conserve energy.

If possible, don’t move at all.

Have everything delivered, subcontracted.

If you are a bear, or identify as a bear, with or without bear/eassignment surgery & hormones, eat from the garbage can depots instead of woods & waters.

Bears gots the belly pH to digest garbage. People don’t. So humanimal swallows it, thinking s/he’s eating it, & instead it eats him/her alive from the inside out. Yogi Bear-uh: Its deja vu all over again.

And force-feeding those bennies, sometimes that enrages the forced as much as the forcers already are (from their own, partly maybe, gavage/Xperience?). Probably all the time. But many swallow that, the rage, down, too.

Or “force-feeding,” too:

Help a man against his will & you do the same as murder him. ~ Horace (&/or “against his will”)

Murder, to remind, is crime. Unjust.

(Suicide is not, as the bennie-givers say, murder. But force/fraud “euthanasia” is.)

No matter the merits or demerits of forgiveness & forgetness, above spiral is how it works. Within the margins. Where the marginal majority resides. Always has.

The wry Catcher In The Rye truth: suffer unto the little children pretense of non-phonyness, then, pretty quickly, that double-phoneyness is outed, & go along to get along the rowed up garbage cans Happy Meals kicks in. Usually.

Always plenty of unoccupied wide open space for rule-proving exceptions, tho.

J.D. Salinger seems to have found a nice opt out spot. The phonies almost murdering him in ww2 (one of those “great resets”) had a little something-something to do with coming to an accurate conclusion, & decision/action.

As for Israel, I don’t care who its filled up with so long as the tank-topping doesn’t come out of “american-mine” pockets. But there it is. Justice. On the half-baked-cracked shell. By fractions that prefer to turn dishonest, unjust, fractions. Much of it via fractional reserve mountebanking.

If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em is the most well-worn credo-path of them all. That ouroboros feedback loop is not going to change - because not feeding/back into the frenzy would be unsocial animalia. So malum in se soup nazis will continue to be the order-giving/taking of the day.

( Not that the Seinfeld character was the bad guy. Elaine was the bad guy in that one. Well, that whole crew, the fulsome foursome we laughed at - with? - were always the bad guys, weren’t they? Good funny, bad funny. “When I’m good, I’m very good. But when I’m bad, I’m better.” ~ Mae West …

Just remembered another train/of thought - & a prison, too: I hear the train a comin'

It's rolling round the bend

And I ain't seen the sunshine since I don't know when

I'm stuck in *Fulsome* prison, and time keeps draggin' on

But that train keeps a rollin' on down to San Antone

When I was just a baby my mama told me

"Son, always be a good boy, don't ever play with guns"

But I shot a man in Reno just to watch him die

When I hear that whistle blowing, I hang my head and cry ~ The Man In Black )

“Fight” that or comport more accordingly - your bio-wiring will decide. And afterward many will call it their idea. Or their ideal. We ain’t the dealers. We’s the dealters. Δ Animal House - the Delta Tau Chi fraternity.

Some parfait accompli’s are digestible nutrition. Others be digestin’ yousetrition - in the forever Sopranos wars of attrition.

Cause was “found,” like noses on faces are, in childhood (not Rousseau’s preschool, tho). And not so much lost there, too, as rooted out, kid by kid - not “collectively.” Betrayal, really. Jennifer Grey, cute Dirty Dancer, whydja’ get that nose-job? Who put Baby in the corner?

The glorious “Lost” Cause is exactly like the guy I read about who lost all his money speculating in futures contracts because he didn’t have the courage to just divorce his wife. So he set it up ~ however un/sub/consciously ~ so she’d divorce him. (Goldbrick & broke: never the twain shall meet, or stay met.) According to the somewhat guys-sweating-in-a-teepee-while-drumming woo-woo author who recounted that divorced-divorced-at-last! tale “everybody gets exactly what they want from the markets.”

Pridectomy. ✔️

Couragectomy. ✔️

Survival of the shittest. ✔️

Until the checkmate comes back ‘round again.

Speaking of … how’d those toilets turn out reante? 😀

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To answer McCartney's question, you don't broadcast their victimhood. They need it for domination. But, if you are the man in power why wouldn't you. It is a money making machine like no other. Now, for the rest of us...

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While personal heroism is the adaptive response to civilizational collapse, structurally we can see, and should acknowledge, why it is that human psychological victimhood is in its ascendancy.

A collapsing civilization creates structural victims out of the last entrants to its ponzi dynamics. Thus the cultural diversity of feelings of victimization. Even cultural conservatives are feeling victimized by the situation in one way or another.

The tyranny of victimhood culture is just the toroidal return function -- the blowback, the chickens coming home to roost -- of an imperial culture of victimization. It's only natural that an imperial culture of victimization ends up victimizing itself.

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Thanks Jeff.

Firstly, I think this needs to be said: this week-old, early-phase political war crisis partly serves the function of dividing common people from each other in exactly the same way as the plandemic was designed to do, so let us see with our minds' eyes how multiple rounds of the old divide and conquer strategy is the technocratic means by which the elites shuffle the deck - btttrrrrrrrrrrrrr, ftttrrrrrrrrrrr! btttrrrrrrrrrrrrr, ftttrrrrrrrrrrr! Done! Off to your postmodern fragment of a mediascape you go, which probably doesn't include anybody you know IRL.

I find it rather ironic, friend, that the central thesis of your article relates to Palestinian victimhood.

Palestinian victimhood is merely nested within Jewish victimhood.

On a slightly more abstract level we can even say that global civilization is nested within a carefully curated Jewish victimhood.

Let's not get triggered and fall victim to their political #shuffledance. This particular #shuffledance is their joker card.

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Jung makes the statement that if there is something wrong with society then there is something wrong with the individual, and if there is something wrong with the individual then there is something wrong with me. He seems to suggest that when something is due to erupt in the collective, the only safety and sanity to be found is in the firm sense of your own individuality. Otherwise there is no way in which the eruption can be channeled without you becoming a victim of consciousness. Then you are blindly carried along with it, and because it is blind and undirected by consciousness it doesn’t reason politely and set up careful standards to assess who should pay and who shouldn’t. These eruptions run like a torrent, with a ruthlessness that one finds only in blind nature but not in the reflective mind of an individual. One finds it in the natural side of civilized man, the collective instinctual side of him of which he is largely unaware. The collective doesn’t theorize. It flows toward its goal in the same way that a baby is born. If you’re caught by it, then you must go along with it, and there is no guarantee of the outcome. You might have a renaissance, which happened around 1500, or you might have a Nazi Germany. Both potentials exist in us, both in society and in individuals. So understandably Jung is concerned with these things, and whenever he writes about the phenomenon of Nazi Germany he repeats again and again his feeling that if we do not want a repetition of this experience, we cannot expect laws and legal structures and religious ideals and political parties to prevent it. We have no hope at all except to see where the battle is being fought within ourselves, and to try to distinguish between our own individual values and the urgent movement that is erupting around us. - Liz Greene, The Outer Planets & Their Cycles

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