Boy... you guys are way over my head!

fyi, I had no idea I was smarting.

I had/have no idea who will walk away from what.

I merely commented on Jeff's fine work in articulating the importance of admitted ignorance and proper uncertainty, by citing a note from a work of my own, my autobiography.

My Scriptural references are easily recognizable as evidences of human hubris.

Since they were/are Biblical, I was letting Jeff know that I would completely understand if he wanted to delete the comment so as to avoid religious debate in his comments section.

That's the long and the short of it fellas. I hope I'm not considered religiously vain again.

I really honestly believe that in the scope of things, eternal and infinite as reality is, I know nothing.

I see life as a Christian Theist, and as such, am genuinely, and properly awed, all the time.

If that's some kind of vanity, I own it.

Sorry to cause such a row, fellas. I'll not let that happen on my account again.

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Amplified competition. Made possible by digital scale as you say. Before technology competition manifested itself in books.

Thoughts were “looked at” in paper. Before paper, thoughts were simply communicated, oratory, no medium required.

To know. The haves and have nots are “the knows” and “know nots” in our times. Though this has always been. Depends on what you can see. For the spiritually minded I need only mention two names to reveal the meaning of this, Jacob and Esau. One favored the other hated by God. The principle one followed led to freedom. The other to captivity.

Man’s inner fire to know is a byproduct of sin. In physical immortality/innocence this desire would not exist. It would simply be translated as ‘How may I help God?’ or ‘How do you want me to use the talent I posses to build and serve?’

Once “their eyes were opened” happened, the grandness imprinted in us deteriorated in well…mortality first, and as a result our abilities became focused on extrapolating the possibilities given. To want to know what we could have been able to do. Of course what we could’ve done versus what we can do is contingent upon the conditions afforded! Something humans fail to take into account. Entitlement. Immortals vs mortals, and allow me to emphasize the condition of immortality, innocence. Hence the need to guard the Tree of Life or “they will be like us knowing good and evil” Genesis 3:22. Of course one third of the angels did go further than knowing, they chose. Rev 12.

When sin entered creation by choice we lost contact with the Almighty. The degradation followed down to the cellular level. I am thankful for this adjustment God made. Methuselah is said to have been the longest living human at 969 years if I am not mistaken. Can you imagine living for centuries with the information available today? The desire of chasing after knowledge to the extent of selling your soul is a choice. This is the test of time. What do you go after, enlightenment that leads to captivity, or commands that lead to true enlightenment via the purchased way Christ provided. “To all perfection I see a limit, but your commands are boundless.” Psalm 119:96 To eternal freedom by commands. We are told the numbers for each side. Broad is the way that leads to destruction and many follow it, and you know the rest. I don’t worry about the many. They seem to weed themselves out consumed by pride and theoretical fallacies.

Lastly, Solomon’s end is a testament to be cautious about knowledge. He had encountered God twice in his life and even this knowledge could not keep him from falling away. Socrates famous quote “the only thing I know is that I know nothing” needs a bit of a tweak for me. The only thing I know is that I know God. The endless “looking” “to know” has been monetized rightly so because it is a business considered essential to the mind. Add a few bells and whistles and movies in the last decade are stuck at the narrative of a parallel universe. Wonder and awe, endless looks and views to what really is, the within. Visibility of the human mind. How can we rape and pillage this protected land for the purpose of monetary gain? Why by free choice of course. Manipulating consent. The rest has the brand of conspiracy, the seal of disbelief itself protects it.

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Faith is precisely the contradiction between the infinite passion

of the individual's inwardness and the objective uncertainty. If

I am capable of grasping God objectively, I do not believe, but

precisely because I cannot do this I must believe. If I wish to

preserve myself in faith I must constantly be intent upon hold-

ing fast the objective uncertainty, so as to remain out upon the

deep, over seventy thousand fathoms of water, still preserving

my faith. -KIerkegaard

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Shared with friends, your insights.

On a personal note, the first line of my autobiography is, "The more I know, the more I know how little I know".

...something about a golden calf or a tower in the plain of Shinar I shouldn't wonder,...

It's sometimes (always, really) difficult to believe that humans are actually "worshiping". But they are.

Sorry that this comment may draw long opposition. That's OK. You can delete comments, no?

Thanks again, Jeff.

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Another excellent article , God has given us enough to be our best , not worship tech this reminds me of C.S. Lewis warning about the prophet in the lab coat.

Creating is human excellence.

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