Instead of “state-sponsored” what about/ism just seeing something & saying something about state/s being an intoxicated/addicted state?

From there would follow the jigsaw puzzle piece drop-in-fits - this obviously exploded market segmentation & product placementing of more-more-more hooks.

Give a man a fentanyl fish & hook one residual income stream. Teach a man, in “state sponsored” schools of fish to hook himself more or less continuously & mein gott! Wouldja’ look at all those tribute-taries?

Might as well go all the way. The “man is a social animal” canard. Either correctly define “social” or make visible the lemon juice prefix “anti.”

Pascal wagers are belt-suspenders OCDundancy. But that one observation is right on the money:

'Sometimes, when I set to thinking about the various activities of men, the dangers and troubles which they face at Court, or in war, giving rise to so many quarrels and passions, daring and wicked enterprises and so on, I have often said that the sole cause of man's unhappiness is that he does not know how to stay quietly in his room. A man wealthy enough for man's needs would never leave home to go to sea or besiege some fortress if he knew how to stay at home and enjoy it. Men would never spend so much on a commission in the army if they could bear living in town all their lives, and they only seek after the company and diversion of gambling because they do not enjoy staying at home.' Pascal, Pensées, tr. A.J. Krailsheimer, London: Penguin, rev. 1995: 37. For another translation: http://www.gutenberg.org/files/18269/18269-h/18269-h.htm.]

People, especially when “accelerated” by being clumped up, are the medium/message. And not just lately.

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Thanks, Andy. Could be that state-sponsored default addiction and addicted state are synonymous, for all intents and purposes. And yes: Commercial advertising has always targeted individuals with mass reach messages. Mass reach is still the intent and objective, but is obtained in a hyper-fragmented media ecosphere only by buying everything everywhere all the time: the ultimate think global, act local dystopian message that works only if you're big enough and wealthy enough to be everywhere all the time. Thinking global and acting local for the rest of us is a ticket to palookaville.

The above explains why the per-unit cost and efficacy of media buys has dropped through the floor while ad (media) budgets have skyrocketed in recent years. Advertisers need to compensate for the failure of the hyper-fragmented ad market to perform, and the only way to do so is to spend tens of billions of dollars per year buying everything in sight -- especially the news.

The Sponsored by Pfizer tag says it all. And no doubt we would be far better advised to sit in silence for an hour or two per day. Whether we contemplate the existence of God or a nearby pussycat is hardly material. We can find peace in either...

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Hi-ho, Jeff.

The AA model relies heavily/structurally on “sponsors,” too.

((And the fun factoid that ruffled religious feathers - apparently /I’ve read - & so was erased from the photograph/protocol was that Bill W.’s breakthrough to shedding addictive compulsion to drink alcohol came via a psychedelic trip (which variety I don’t recall - mushrooms, lsd, etc.))

I can see it now. Guy’s struggling. Wants a drink badly. About to abandon the wagon. Calls his stalwart sponsor, Pfizer, for help.

“Commerce,” loosed from OED laces (or at Ieast the ones closest to the the “doubly slipped reef knot”) covers everything … & the TA (transactional analysis) types cover me in hives (metaphorical ones … so they cover my insides in hives). Well, that’s word-symbols for you.

“Ideology,” say, via propaganda commissars fire-jousting “for effect” in the various “papers of record.”

I cite from time to time the Revereware (outsourced to China … but was always oriental despotism-brew) frying pan the best & brightest cooks refer to as The Federalist Papers.

That was well-back in the manual, not digital, day. The ink is black, the page is white, together we good cop / bad cop the blight. Three Dog Night. Baby, It’s Cold Outside.

Extroversion is a real leopard spot tiger stripe (despite felines often/mostly liking their solitude as people mostly don’t).

Which is not a problem. Not a “to be solved.” Its feature. Not a bug. It’s a deficiency. And if it is rate-limiting, not enough so. And not conscientious-precise enough. It kills with wild abandon.

We could have just as easily never heard of, read, Vonnegut. And who knows what we never heard/read because they were immolated by ‘good little German’ extroverts of the world I, II, & perhaps soon III.

Or perhaps that 3rd string is already here.

What am I saying!? “None dare call it threeson” has always been here.

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How do we get from "here" to back "there" again?

I like it so much I will post it on your favorite, Facebook. Overseas audience.

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How to get from here to there again: Check out my Calls to Action essay...


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Thank you, Persephone. Glad you liked it.

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